We have had many interactions with business owners and operators, and have successfully assisted them in improving their Occupational Health and Safety Outlook.  Below are a couple of our recent successes.

Local Fish and Chip shop

A successful fish and chip business located in North Perth, had enquired into how can having more focus on Occupational Health and Safety be able to save them money and be more efficient.  One of our leading consultants visited the business for a one day review, below is his findings and explanation into how the business could be more efficient and save money.

Hi!! My name is James, and I am one of the Senior Consultants at Workplace Safety Consultants. Tthe other day I was delighted to review the safety focus of a local fish and chip had on their daily operation.  I found some good operating techniques, however I also found some areas for improvement.  I have listed the items for improvement below;


Emergency procedures (which are a requirement under W.A. OHS       legislation) were not in place. 


This is an essential component for any business to ensure if and when an emergency arises anyone that is affected understands where to evacuate to and also how to use emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers. Having a robust evacuation procedure and training not only protects your employees from harm but it also protects you from associated costs if your workers are inujured (costs for workcover, costs associated with the      

replacement of the worker and iincrease to your nsurance premiums)


There was no evident Safe Work Method statements in preparing of     food or handling the oil cookers (cooking, adding oil to the resoivoirs and also removing the oil).  


As it is normal for some activities to have on the job training that covers the basics, these items were identified as having associated hazards that unless the employee understood the actual hazards and risks then they were then exposed to the hazard. Safe Work Method Statements or procedures is what is commonly developed to explain to the employees how to complete the task step by step. The safe work method statements have the associated hazards and the controls listed in each step which allows the employee to easily manage them.  Development of safe work method statements and procedures for important activities of your business enhances the efficiency of the task as it is being completed the preferred way every time, it also identifies hazards in each step and also the controls to mitigate the hazard - this in turn keeps your employees safe and             working!

As you can see these were some easy items that wont take too much time or effort to put in place and the rewards are huge!!  I am excited to bring you this news and hope to hear from you soon to help you out!!

Family Tourist Park

Whist on holidays at one of my favorite locations, one of my children came running back to me crying as they had hurt fallen of the swing set bumping their arm on the concrete supports.  After calming my daughter down I investigated the "crime" scene with my daughter and identified several areas for improvement.


I consequently discussed with the manager of the caravan park the areas for improvement whch incuded the following;


Maintenance of caravan park rides, amusement facilities and the swimming pool was identified as lacking, in some cases maintnance had never been conducted.  


Under WA OHS legislation the operator (Owner / Manager) has a duty of care to its employees and also to its guests (while staying at the premises)  Ensuring equipment that is used to generate an income or is used by your employees and/or guests is adequately maintained is an example of ensuring hazards are efficienty mitigated.  An injury associated with the amusement facilities would be a costly event with replacement costs to cover the absence of the worker, medical costs and or court costs for injured campers and also increased costs for insurance premiums.


Regular upkeep of the caravan parks emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers were out of test date and were not servicable. (Sirens were not working and after inspection it was identifed the fire hose reels were requiing maintenance.)  


This emergency equipment is an important part of combating a fire emergency and as such it is imperative that is maintained in a fully operational condition ready to be used if an event occurs.  Without proper working equipment the caravan park faced not having the basic necessities to prevent a fire from going from a manageable situation to an out of control one.  The caravan park owners could be facing not only losing revenue from park closure due to fire, but also ramifications from injuries to employees and guests.


Together the manager and I worked out an easy solution to ensure the above were rectified with minimal costs, this ensured that the employees and guests to the caravan park were able to continue in their daily activities without any unseen events occuring.

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