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Searing hot temperatures. Noise. Heavy machinery. Hazardous chemicals and fumes. Hard work of this nature is quite dangerous if staff become complacent or inattentive. You want to ensure you can keep up with production while still promoting a culture of good safe work practices.

We provide professional and practical Smelter WHS consulting for the industry to ensure your worksite and business are set.


Smelter Health and Safety Consultants

As smelters health and safety consultants, we work closely with our clients to assist them in developing a manageable and sustainable workplace with best practices in mind, no matter where you, you, or your workforce in Australia are located.

Whether that’s risk assessments and management, onsite safety audits, or developing safety management systems, we make it easy for you to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Smelters health and safety is essential.

Smelter WHS
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Smelter HSE Staff

We provide smelter HSE staff with the right experience and technical know-how to help. This can be especially beneficial is your business isn’t large enough to hire one in-house.

Smelter WHS training

Good work habits come from great smelter WHS training, something we’re passionate about. When staff are trained right from the get-go when it comes to smelters health and safety, they’ll know how to complete their duties with safety and without damaging equipment or injury. Not only does this give you a happy, healthy workforce, but is cost-effective in the long run.

Smelter safety

What we have to offer

Trained experts

We're tertiary trained experts

The team at Workplace Safety Consultants are tertiary trained that complements their working experiences, this enables the company aphorism – “Safety made Easy!”.

Experienced team

Your expeienced team

Our team has extensive experience from working within a variety of industry sectors which includes mining, processing, smelting, rural, manufacturing, light and heavy industry, construction and quarrying, hospitality, health and community services, professional services and transport.

Accreditations and standards

Accreditation, standards & quality

We provide assistance in the development, maintenance and compliance of systems that meet the requirements for Accreditation to AS-45001 Australian Safety Standard, ISO 9001 Quality Management & ISO-14001 Environmental Management.

Offices through out Australia

Offices through out Australia

We have several offices throughout Australia which enables us to have on hand experienced HSE consultants ready and available to assist as required.

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