Hygiene Services

When and if an incident or accident occurs, it is imperative that they are investigated thoroughly to ensure the root causes have been identified and controls actioned to prevent any reoccurrence.

OHS Legislation also dictates any serious incident or accident (ie electrical shock, broken bones etc) are reported ASAP to the relevant regulatory body (Worksafe WA, EPA etc).

Our consultants can assist you and your business by;

  • Providing a systematic process of investigating the incident / accident and identifying the root cause and any underlying issues that lead to the event.  

  • Provide robust controls to mitigate further occurrence of the event

  • Provide offsite support for work groups

  • Provide support in reporting these events to the regulatory body.

Our consultants are well versed and trained in the following investigation tools;

  • ICAM

  • TapRoot

  • RCA

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